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Since 1980 ‘Strives’ British laboratory have been pioneering foot health and wellness. Utilising this experience all ‘Strive’ footwear incorporates their podiatrist designed Biomechanical Footbed Technology, which re-designs a classic flat footbed to the natural 3-dimensional contour of your feet.

By mapping the unique contours, their footbed technology may help to improve posture and reduce harmful stresses placed upon your body and feet – a contributing factor associated with many common aches and pains.

‘Strive’ shoes are made with premium leathers allowing your feet to breathe; ‘Strive’ is the ultimate partner for comfort, support and luxurious style!

Common aches and pains ‘Strive’ shoes may help to relieve by supporting your feet in their optimum position:

BALL OF FOOT PAIN – Metatarsalgia

The main cause of this condition is strain on the ligaments and joint capsules within the forefoot. Hard skin on the ball of your foot and wearing high heels can also contribute to the pain.

Holding your foot in its most efficient position puts less strain on the ligaments which will reduced or prevent this problem.

HEEL PAIN – Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain is very common and is largely due to our feet adapting to walking on hard surfaces. This can cause our arches to flatten straining a structure called the Plantar Fascia, which inserts into the heel bone. Thin soled and unsupportive footwear can aggravate and contribute to this problem.


If your feet roll in too much or appear to flatten when you walk, your lower leg and knee joint has to twist slightly to compensate. This can cause pain underneath the knee cap or around the ligaments which support your knee joint. Wearing supportive footwear with an arch support can help.


Lower back pain is very common and sometimes requires medical attention. Foot function has an effect on the rest of your body and can cause supporting muscles to work harder. Good footwear and posture is a great start to help combat or prevent lower back pain.

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