Ingrown Toe Nails

Ingrowing toe nails pierce the flesh of the toe and can be extremely painful and lead to further infections.
They commonly affect the big toenail, however other toenails can be affected. The use of nail cutters can reduce the risk and also cutting straight across the nail (don’t cut too low at the edge of the nail).

If you do have an ingrowing toe nail a visit to the Podiatrist will give you an informed choice of action.

If you have bleeding or discharge, you may require antibiotics.


Removal of a nail or part of a nail. During the process the nail is simply lifted from the nail bed using phenol to prevent regrowth.
Ingrown Toe Nail Surgery: Includes local anaesthetic and two follow up dressings. No cutting or stitching is needed.

Duration: Treatment approximately 1 hour.   Price: From £150