Biomechanics is a common area of practice within podiatry, dealing with Flat Feet and Arch Problems. These problems can arise from the way joints are aligned and muscles function. Poor alignment can affect your feet, knees, hips and lower back.

Foot pain artwork


The initial assessment will include looking at the position of your spine, pelvis, leg, knee, ankle and foot when you are standing and moving to assess the flexibility of each of these joints, including the strength of the muscles surrounding each joint. Paying particular attention to the many joints (26 bones) in each foot in order to understand the affect this may have on your foot pain, leg pain, knee pain, hip pain and back pain.

1. You will be advised whether orthotics are required and, if so, will discuss the most suitable prescription and cost. Orthotics may be foot orthotics (insoles or arch supports), ankle foot orthotics, a knee brace or specialist foot wear.
2. You wil be advised regarding muscle stretching and strengthening exercises.

You are advised to bring shorts along with you when you attend the initial assessment. It may also be helpful for you to bring the shoes you most often wear; for example work shoes or sports shoes.

Duration: Depends on treatment required – from 30 minutes onwards   Price: Depends on treatment required